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Healthy Economy

A Sustainable Water Supply Helps Create Jobs

 The economic vitality of our region is under threat because access to safe and reliable water supplies are not available.  Without desal, businesses can’t build and grow and housing is out of reach even for vital public servants like teachers and firefighters. Businesses need a sustainable supply of water to open and they need a sustainable supply to grow, without MPWSP our vitality is threatened.

MPWSP will have immediate economic benefits by creating dozens of good-paying jobs for skilled tradespeople during the construction of the project and permanent job for water treatment operators.  Our employees are members of the Utility Workers Union of America and the construction will be done by members of California’s building trades unions.  It is estimated that one new job is created for every $1 million in investment in water infrastructure.  MPWSP is a win for the economic health of the communities on the Peninsula and the workers who will help construct the project.

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