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Climate Change Resiliency

State of California Asks Communities to Implement Climate Change Resiliency Measures

The State of California and Governor Gavin Newsom have asked communities to implement Climate Change Resiliency measures and California American Water is leading the charge with current and planned projects designed to provide safe and sustainable sources of potable water during times of drought. 


The California Water Resilience Plan charts the state’s path forward in addressing the water resource challenges facing California as aridification creates longer more severe droughts. The plan identifies the MPWSP as a key part of the state’s resiliency strategy

Additionally, he Governor's Executive Order, N-19-19, directs state lawmakers to design a pathway to conserve 30 percent of the state's existing water supply by 2030. An ambitious but necessary order, N-19-19 is focused on the state as a whole, leaving the design and implementation to local jurisdictions and utilities. 

As outlined in the executive summary for the MPWSP, water supply diversity is a critical component to fulfilling the Governor's order. As yet another drought stretches into its third year and the other sources of potable water in the project are not as reliable as originally described, establishing a drought-resistant, sustainable and environmentally friendly potable water supply is even more important than before. 

Governor Newsom's Executive Order N-19-19

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